Thanksgiving Leftovers


Every year it seems like Turkey Curry is the featured after-Thanksgiving recipe in most of the newspapers. I suspect most of us just pick at the turkey until it’s finished. My mother was famous for her Turkey-Rice Soup. Famous? Maybe not, but we all loved it.

I made enchiladas last night with some leftover chile sauce from my breakfast chilaquiles. The tortillas were dipped first in hot corn oil until soft, then in the chile sauce. Inside I rolled some boiled potatoes (from Little Farms in West Marin), some of the turkey and some chopped raw onion. The enchiladas were topped off with more chile sauce.


The recipe for a chile sauce is here.

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  1. Steve:
    I am one of your direct mail customers, from Chicago, and I love your beans and your website and your blog and your video. I have one questions: how long do cooked beans keep in the refrigerator. It’s not so much leftovers, because we don’t usually have leftovers, as some weekends I cook up a batch for later in the week. I’ve heard three days, but I’m wondering if I reheat the beans at three days, will they be okay for another day or two? How about freezing?

  2. funny Steve. I too made turkey enchiladas from my leftover turkey last night. I was inspired by the Rancho Gordo tortillas.

  3. Hello Frances! Maybe I’m nuts but I’ve had beans last a week. When they go “off”, it’s a smell like no other. You’re sure to know! Beans are fine in the fridge or on the stove, it’s at room temperature that they really go south fast. Freezing is fine. I have one of those vacuum sealers and reheating in warm water seems to do the trick.

    Vanessa, did you fry the tortillas? I did. It makes them so much better and the chile sauce clings better. I have a “healthy” recipe where the author has you dip the tortilla in hot chicken broth first. It’s ok but if you’re going to this much work, I think you may as well go all the way.

  4. This year I made up a batch of Rick Bayless’ “Simple Red Mole” to use with leftover turkey. We figured it would give some variety to the usual run of thanksgiving leftovers. It turned out well, and we’ll definitely do it again next year.

  5. Steve that sounds great. Is that from “RB’s Mexican Kitchen”? I love turkey and wish they were smaller, fresher and produced a little kinder so we could eat it all year. I do buy the parts sometimes but I feel some guilt.

  6. Yeah, it’s from the Mexican Kitchen book. I substitute pumpkin seeds for the almonds, due to a nut allergy in my household. I usually make it with Rosie chickens. I poach the chicken and use the broth for the sauce and shred the meat for the mole, and freeze the leftovers.

    I’m not sure how well the rosie chickens are raised, but I’m hoping they’re treated better than most.

  7. Steve- that is my technique with a chicken, too! And I think pumpkin seeds are more interesting than almonds anyway. More “new world”!

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