Cactus Juice

As the rain and cold take charge here in Napa, I’m daydreaming back to Mexico.  One of the highlights of my last trip was discovering this juice, which is half green cactus paddles and half pineapple juice. It was delicious by any standard and I’m only sorry I didn’t ask for the technique. I assume it’s just blended in a blender with maybe some ice. I can’t believe they would have a juicer but maybe I’m wrong.


I’m sure this is healthy, but as usual, I don’t care so much. My big issues are flavor, sustainability and maybe culture. Food tends to be healthier anyway when you think consider these things.

N.B. I’m off to Baja this week. It won’t all be sun and sand as I hope to hunt down some wild beans of Baja that I’ve heard of.  If you’re a farmers market customers, Joan will be filling in for me for the next two Saturdays so your bean needs should be met. She already does the mail orders so there’s no change there.

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  1. Oh, have a blast in Baja! I’m jealous…

    And I remember that jugo de nopales breakfast well — and those crazy Vulcan-meets-Mayan outfits the waitresses wear at Sanborns. đŸ˜€

  2. FYI… Sanborns definitely uses Juicers / Extractors.

    I’ve had that juice from both methods (Blender & Extractor)… the Blender is okay for home use (retain more fiber) but it does get gritty.

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