All My Darling Daughters


It seems every deadline I could imagine came up at once, including the manuscript to my book on Heirloom Beans. We’ve been having a heat wave and I was starting to get grumpy when a call came from the post office that my mail order of chickens had arrived.


There can be no bad moods with the sound of 26 chicks peeping within earshot. It’s amazing that 26 chicks could manage the trip across the country and a hot post office for a weekend during a heatwave, but we didn’t suffer a single loss. The Murray McMurray hatchery knows what it’s doing and now I have more eggs than I’ll know what to do with in my future.


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  1. they are so sweet! Our hen went broody last month (her third spring in a row) and without a rooster we resort to slipping day old chicks under her after 3 weeks sitting. Hens are marvelously therapeutic to listen too as well….teh eggs aren’t so bad either!

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