Christmas Limas

Christmas Limas (also known as Chestnut Limas) are one of the prettiest beans anywhere. They’re a true lima bean (Phaseolus lunatus) and probably from Peru¬† but they’ve made their way into heirloom gardens everywhere.


They’re called Christmas limas for their distinct chestnut flavor. I hadn’t made them for awhile and it was almost nostalgic when I did last week. Why don’t I make them more often? They have a thick skin and they’re starchy, but it’s a light potato-like starch and a great flavor.


I started thinking about the starchiness of the beans and then mashed up some with a fork. It was like mashed potatoes, only with protein and a more interesting flavor. I think the possiblities are endless from a puree to a fritter to a pasta stuffing.


In the meantime, it made a great taco filling with some cotija cheese and hot sauce.


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  1. Those are some purty beans, alright…but more so than scarlet runner beans? Nope, no way.

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