Basic Chile Sauce from Chile Powder

As requested and promised, here’s my way with chile sauce. I’m not going to say it’s authentic, except to me! Please not that here I’m using 100% chile powder. There are no extra ingredients or fillers, just pure ground chiles. Rancho Gordo powder, it so happens! These are New Mexican chiles and they have a particular, wonderful rich flavor. I also like using whole chiles of all types but that’s for another post.


Chop a medium sized white or red onion and sauté it until soft in olive oil or lard. Add some chopped garlic. When vegetables are really soft, add about 4 ounces of pure chile poweder and mix it with the vegetables. It will be a thick mess but allow the chile to “fry” for a few minutes. Add a little cumin and salt. Slowly add enough water to make a thick sauce and let this cook for about 15 minutes. At this point, you can add salt and thin it out with a little chicken stock and cook for a few more minutes and it’s a great sauce.
Use some with steamed vegetables over brown rice or quinoa for a tolerable “healthy” meal. You can make enchiladas. You poach chicken pieces in the sauce. Drizzle on tacos.  Go for the chilaquiles.
You can also add a can of chopped tomatoes. This is perfectly nice but I love the pure chile flavor better. I do like to use the tomatoes, and any other vegetables left over in the fridge and chicken stock to make a soup.

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  1. i like to mix red chile powder with powdered toasted sesame(and salt to taste, of course) and dip slices of raw green mango.. and nutty..did i mention eye-squinting/tastebud puckering tartness of the mangoes?

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