New Heirloom Bean: Pebbles

Here’s a flash! We’ll be bringing a new crop of this beautiful heirloom bean, Pebbles,  on Saturday to the farmers market.


Despite looking like a mix, it’s one plant and it produces this wild mix of colors.  The next question is what does it taste like, but the last time I had the was about 5 years ago and I honestly don’t have any memory of the flavor. We’ll have to find out together.


I’ll add them to the website (for mail orders) next week.  It’s a little sad how exciting a new bean is to me. Oh, who cares? Yippee.

2 Comments on New Heirloom Bean: Pebbles

  1. Land o’ Goshen! It looks like a craft project! Can’t wait to hear how it tastes.

    I remember when Mr. Lucky got excited about a new Elis Regina record, or a perfect cocktail. And now it’s a new bean. Time do march on, don’t it? đŸ™‚

  2. Well, you do go back in time with me, don’t you! The music is still a kick but the cocktails these days are too creative and sweet for me so I’ll stick to my dry gin martini, Manhattan or tequila.

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