New York Times on ‘Beans: A History’ and a Podcast

The New York Times has a brief review of Ken Albala’s Beans: A History.  I’ve started the book, but then got sidetracked. This review reminds me I need to put finishing this book on the top of my To Do list.


Read the NYT review.


Unrelated to anything, I have made a musical podcast you may enjoy if you have a sense of humor. The Latin Soul or Boogaloo is an era a lot of serious Latin musicians would like to forget but I think it’s a gas. Most of the lyrics were sung in English (and inane) but the music is really dance-able, especially if you are suspended from the ceiling by a cage, dressed in go-go boots. Listen to the podcast.

2 Comments on New York Times on ‘Beans: A History’ and a Podcast

  1. Oh, honey…that podcast is going to be getting some serious airtime around the Mora household. Just wait’ll my husband gets home!

  2. Oh good! And there’s a lot more where that came from. Music to eat beans by.

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