Rancho Gordo on The Saveur 100

Thanks for all your nice comments and emails regarding the Saveur 100. You can imagine how flattered we are and how much new work is coming poor Joan’s way. It’s like Christmas all over again here at the warehouse.


I don’t know if the list is any particular order but we’re going to go ahead and assume that "number two" means we’re at the top of the list.

3 Comments on Rancho Gordo on The Saveur 100

  1. Hey Congrats guys! You’ve always been at the top of my list (which reminds me I need more beans!)

  2. YEAH!!! It is great to see you in Saveur. Just made some red beans and rice. Delicious!!

  3. Since I’m not seeing Saveur, or any US food magazines while we’re in France, I completely missed this. Way to go – it’s totally deserved!

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