Tamales by the Bay

Last year, one of my favorite events was the Benchmark Institute’s Taste of Tamales by the Bay. Dozens of tamal makers offered samples, along with our beans and some great Ceja wine.


Of course we’ll be there again this year and I’ll be spending all of Saturday night cooking pounds and pounds of beans in clay for the event.
April 13, 2008 
      12 Noon – 4 PM
      Fort Mason Center

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  1. I’m so jealous of your beautiful pots! How does it change cooking? Faster, slower, or does it make a difference? I’m especially interested because not only are they beautiful, but I’m not supposed to consume too much iron, so both cast iron and stainless steel pots make me worried. Are you only able to get your pots in Mexico? I ask because living in Connecticut would make that difficult for me.

  2. I get them all over but you can get pretty good ones at the Spanish Table, a store here on the west coast. I think they do mail order.

  3. And speaking of the tamales, they just showed up at the door!

    We have a local family that makes their own, then sells them door to door. They used to show up every week, but now it’s only once a month or so.

    LUNCH TIME !!!

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