Finally! A Little Corn from Chiapas

Just when all hope was lost, what should we see but the tassles of corn, making their way out from the top of what must be a 12 or 13 foot stalk of corn.


Corn is a drag in Northern California, under the best of circumstances, but this has been horrible. I hope I get a few cobs at least out of this. Just one batch of masa for tortillas and this experiment with Chiapas corn will have been worth it. I think.

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  1. Steve, I can’t tell from the photo but that looks like the tassel. Is it? Are there ears? or is it tasseling without them? thanks, Lime

  2. Yes, that’s the tassel. There are ears as well. And it’s all doubled since the photo.

  3. R-G, I’d like to try this next year with my blue corn from Chiapas and it’d save a year if I could learn from you. Here’s what you know that I don’t: when did you plant?; how did you water?; which leaf node produced the ears (bottom up, first leaf may have dropped off) (leaf # may tell when to withhold the water). I know you’re swamped, maybe a photo?
    Best to you this coming week,

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