Talk only goes so far….

I had a wild weekend. Saturday morning I drove from Napa to Half Moon Bay to do a demonstration and book signing at Toque Blanche. In the evening I had my 30 year High School reunion party in Mill Valley (Yes, Tamalpais High, class of 1978) and on Sunday, I had two out of town reunion friends over for a late lunch/early supper and they brought my favorite English teacher from school. Weird, fun and grand!


At the book signing, people would timidly try the beans and then go nuts. I tell people to cook them simply and really get into how glorious the flavor of a good heirloom can be, but you just can’t believe it until you try it. I made Red Nightfalls the previous night in the slow cooker and in the morning, I tool off the lid and salted. I let them cook without the lid for about an hour to evaporate some of the liquid and make it more flavorful. I brought some mushrooms to saute and serve with the beans but the reaction to the beans was so strong, I didn’t bother. We sold out of Red Nightfalls almost immediatly.

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  1. Don’t sell out of Red Nightfalls!
    Oh, well. I got a couple of bags still.

    Kudzu’s daughter was one of your classmates at Tam. You know who I’m talking about? Pacific Sun? đŸ˜€

  2. I’m not sure I know who you mean.
    But we have lots of Red nightfall available!

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