Christmas Countdown

1. Sunday is our cutoff date for guaranteed Christmas deliver. Of course you can still order things but depending on how fast UPS is and our stock levels, your order may not make it on time. So get your orders in before Sunday, midnight!
Shop the Rancho Gordo online store.

2. There will be no chips or tortillas at the farmers market tomorrow. Sorry about any inconvenience.

3.I’m in Los Angeles. Are you? Then come see me Saturday morning at the Mark Taper Auditorium at the main library downtown.
Details from the Los Angeles Times.

And I thank you for your very kind attention!

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  1. Hi Steve! I heard your lecture in LA and we spoke briefly about my getting seeds to plant in the community garden in Venice. Will you please let me know what you have available and if you need some postage or payment? Thanks so much and I look forward to sharing information on the growing of our beans! I told the other members and everyone is excited to grow and EAT some beans! Mahalo! Leslie

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