The View from Saturday

I apologize that the posts here have been a little inconsistent. Our focus for the last month and the next weeks ahead is getting out the Christmas orders. Staff changes and DHL deciding at the last minute that they’re getting out of the domestic shipping game really made this a challenge, but we’re meeting it and shipping out a record number of orders. The surprise hit has been the gift box. We had it last year but maybe it’s the inclusion of the Heirloom Beans book that made it a must-have this year. Maybe it’s our fancy logo ribbon!


UPS has been great and I think we’ve got the whole system down now, including sending you tracking information, but they’ve definitely been slower than DHL for deliveries. Keep that in mind when planning your gifts if we’re shipping them.

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  1. I think I see my two kits waiting to be boxed up. I am thrilled mine arrived on Friday, after ordering on Monday.
    Your cookbook’s gorgeous! I’m having fun reading and learning about beans!
    First heard about Rancho Gordo in early November when my mother-in-law asked to be taken to LaDonna’s foods in Tulsa to buy your beans for a friend from her small hometown. I’m giving one of my kits as a Christmas present to my sister in Arkansas.
    Sand Springs, Oklahoma

  2. I’ll miss the speedy shipments of DHL, but thrilled you’re busy this season (given the state of things in the economy). Can’t wait for Yellow Indian Woman.

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