Fun with Wraps

A few years ago, wraps were all the rage. Then came candle collecting and I guess now it’s smart phones. Or maybe I have no clue about trendy things. I do know that Elizabeth, your Bean Guidance Counselor at the farmers markets told me about a tortilla company in Sonoma called Jalisco and their flour tortillas are so good that they’re worth the trip. I doubted her until I tried one and I just flipped out. They’re really good! Normally I would rather have a corn tortilla or a good piece of European bread but these are oddly amazing and it seems, inspiring.


With the return of Yellow Indian Woman, I felt I needed to cook them again in order to relive the magic. It happened. The beans cooked in water with onion, garlic and olive oil were great. After several bowls, it was time to improvise and I used Jalisco tortillas as my canvas!


For breakfast, I had scrambled eggs, a spoonful of warm beans and grated Parmigiana cheese.


Wrapped expertly in a tortilla, it stayed warm for a good long time.

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  1. I made my first batch of Rancho Gordo beans today. The Yellow Indian Woman beans. Followed the directions from your video with the mirepoix, hard cheese, and lime juice.

    It reminded me of the first time I had a Hefe Weizen and discovered beer could be delicious and not just a vehicle for alcohol.

    They were the most amazing, delicious, seconds-inspiring beans I’ve ever ever had! Beans as more than a filler? Wow!

    I will be making these wraps for breakfast.

    Thank you!
    Jackie in Texas

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