Thought you'd like to see where some of the beans from Mexico are coming from. This field is owned and worked by Abel and his family and they grow Parraleños and San Franciscanos. The San Franciscanos looked just like our Rio Zapes, and they taste the same, which is fine as our yield here in California was dismal this year.


In this shot, I'm with Yunuen, Gabriel and Anotonio (all from Xoxoc) and members of Abel's family.


For lunch, we had bowlsful of San Franciscanos, whole and refried and stacks and stacks of tortillas, made from corn that they had grown. I can't tell you how happy I was to eat that meal and meet the farmers who love their heritage beans.

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  1. What beautiful country. What state is this in? Thanks for sharing the photos. It’d be great to learn more about your trip.

  2. Hi Steve,
    We met briefly at the ‘Beans’ lecture here in LA at the public library. i asked if you would send some seeds for us to plant in the Learning Garden in Venice. Is there still a possibility to get some to try growing here in the south land?? Would be very grateful! THANKS!! Looks like your trip was extra fantastic and probably why i haven’t heard from you yet! i hope to get to Napa and buy your beans at the Fatted Calf; another terrific foodie spot, as i am certain you love their meats too! i will look forward to hearing more of your travels and hope to get some seeds, even if it is only TEN, i would cherish every one of them!

    Mahalo Nui Loa,
    Leslie Bauer

  3. Hi Dean. The state is Hidalgo, just north of Mexico and about 3 hours from the capitol. Don’t worry, I’ll be boring you all with lots of news and photos from the trip!

    Leslie, send an email to
    with your name and address and I’ll add you to the group for seeds.

    It looks like we may have a store here in Napa before you know it. Cross your fingers!

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