Flying and sniffling

I'm the first to admit I'm one of those types that I find hearing about people's colds and flus are about the equivalent of hearing them tell verbatim, their dreams. Of course my dreams are of interest to one and all and I know you can't wait to hear about my cold symptoms, can you?


I'm working on 10 days of this. ZZzzzz………

I hear the online ordering went bonky this last weekend. Sorry about that. I think we've fixed it.

4 Comments on Flying and sniffling

  1. Hi Steve; Sorry to hear you are under the weather, but I just found out, You are backwards like the rest of us. Your feet SMELLS and your NOSE runs! For this, take two beans and call me in the morning! I’ll have your bill ready. Phil from Io way

  2. Oof, 10 days is a long time down! I hope someone’s bringing you beany-brothy soup for restorative measure. I’d shake in a few good shots of Rio Fuego to kill any errant germs..

  3. I’m down with a cold too, but that gorgeous opuntia photo really cheered me up. Take a look on my blog at the succulent photos I took in Sicily, where opuntias grow like forests. Feel better soon. See you in May? Lorna

  4. Steve, I’m sure you’re sick of hearing this by now, but given your travel schedule, have you considered you might have caught the Swine Flu?

    VERY glad you’re feeling better!

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