Quick Salad with Romaine, Beans and Crispy Prosciutto

I think one of the better food magazines is Everyday Food from the Martha Stewart empire. It makes cooking simple and efficient and there’s a strong, no-compromise aesthetic running through it. It won’t rock anyone’s world but it’s a smart read.


They feature a lot of beans but they’re almost always canned (barf), I think in order not to scare off new cooks. Maybe a good slow cooker article would work. It’s a shame because it’s such an ingredient-driven publication.

This month they feature a salad with romaine lettuce, white beans (I’d use Mayocoba or Flageolet), scallions and croutons made from a ciabatta loaf. While you make the croutons, they also have you bake three pieces of prosciutto that gets cut up and added to the salad. The dressing is just oil and vinegar and I think it sounds swell!

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  1. No photos? Where’s the bean porn when you need it.

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