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Leftover Rebosero beans with a perfectly poached egg on top.


I’ve been asked how my poached eggs come out so round and I have to say it’s because they’re so fresh. We have 17 chickens so fresh eggs are not a problem. I think it’s a little disturbing to think how long the journey from chicken to market is for commercial eggs.

The one slight problem with so many fresh eggs (and friends who want them) is you rarely have enough to make hard boiled eggs, which need older eggs. I know, it’s a very slight problem.

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  1. If you steam the eggs, rather than boil them, it is easier to peel fresh eggs. Still better with day or two old eggs, but you can make it work. We put the eggs in the steamer insert with a little over an inch of water, cover, turn the stove on high and cook for about 12/13 minutes.

  2. Thanks. I’m going to try this!

  3. The trick we learned from the cookbook 3 Bowls, and Julia Child’s method, is to transfer the hard boiled eggs immediately after they are done to a bowl/sink of cold water with ice. Let them sit a minute. Then put them back in the hot cooking water for 30 seconds. Then put them back into the cold water to cool. This process slightly shrinks the body of the egg from the shell. The shells come off perfectly almost every time.

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