Bean Tamal in Oaxaca

In Michoacan, they have a similarly shaped tamal, called corrunda. I don't remember what these were called. Please leave a comment if you know!


Inside, they are mixed with masa and beans.


The "corn kitchen" of Itanoni in Oaxaca is a must for every food lover. The menu is made only from local indigenous corn and the corns are mixed. I met with Amado and fell in love with his concept, his passion and he's a pretty swell guy, too. Corn is a religion for this man.


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  1. Aren’t those good? If I remember, Itanoni calls it a tamal zimateco, meaning probably that the maiz for the masa is from Zimatlan valley, and the bean too. That’s the area around the market you posted about last week, great photos all.

    Ranchito, I gotta say, that when I first heard you going to Mexico to work in a tortilleria, I was hoping it was at Itanoni and you’d be Amado’s first franchise! Such a deep dream he has, so close to what I understand of yours….

  2. Esteve, those tamals don’t have a specific name other then “Tamales oaxaqueños”.
    Here is a link to an article from a Oaxacan newspaper, Soledad Ramírez talks about the different styles indigenous to Oaxaca:

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