Quick Quesadilla with Epazote

Most of us know the herb epazote as an ingredient in black beans. Its reputation as some sort of digestive aid is probably correct but I'm more interested in its flavor. It's worth growing.


Cheese and epazote make for a fine filling for your tortillas. Just add a little hot sauce (I like Huichol, until our own Rio Fuego comes back in stock.)


Any cheese will do. I had Monterey Jack so that's what I used.

3 Comments on Quick Quesadilla with Epazote

  1. Is fresh epazote stronger or milder in flavor than dried?

    Looks good!

  2. I haven’t had much luck with the dried, as Ruth mentions. It’s kind of like mint in that the dried version isn’t quite the same. But the flavor is stronger and better fresh. And in beans, it can sometimes be too strong but you just keep cooking and it wil mellow out.

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