More Stars Than in the Heavens

So I think I had the night of my life tonight. So many food icons in one room and 10 of us getting the Bon Appetit Hot 10 award. Words fail me (and I'm dog tired) so these photos from the ceremony in New York will have to do.

IMG_2275 Here I am (a little lit and obviously thrilled) with Ted Allen

IMG_2286 The winners pose with Tom Douglas and Barbara Fairchild

IMG_2288 I meet another idol, Jose Andres


My beautiful agent Kitty schmoozes.

IMG_2289 One for Mr. Ripley: yours truly with Daniel Boulud and Jose Andres. They were incredibly gracious and a lot of fun!

Now to bed. Thoughts and details later….

9 Comments on More Stars Than in the Heavens

  1. congrats, Steve — couldn’t happen to a nicer guy 🙂

  2. CONGRATS! I hope you took the day off from the Hunger Challenge 😉

  3. elizabeth girolamo // September 21, 2009 at 1:59 am // Reply

    Bravo, maestro, bravo!

  4. Very happy and very jealous! How fun was that?

  5. Congratulations. A well-earned award.

  6. Steve this is SO GREAT! I had no idea you were doing
    any of this!

  7. Elizabeth Ponsford // September 22, 2009 at 12:47 pm // Reply

    CONGRATS!!!!!! March onwards O fearless leader

  8. Hey, I think your hair looks GREAT!………and good food and businesses should be recognized!

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