Eat Your Breakfast!

Jill Nussinow is a local nutritionist with a national following as The Veggie Queen. She’s very smart and even though I have very little interest in nutrition*, I tend to listen when Jill speaks. You can follow her on Twitter as I do.

She recently passed on a scary statistic from Men’s Health editor Dave Zinczenko: STUDY People who
skip breakfast are 450% more likely to be overweight. Eat a little
protein w/in an hour of rising.



Luckily, I prefer a more savory breakfast but if I’m not thinking, it’s very easy for me to skip it all together.

After reading Jill’s Tweet, a made a bowl of Good Mother Stallards with queso fresco and some boiled nopales, and thought back in horror to the “good old days” when breakfast was a mug of black coffee and a cigarette. Things can and do change!

*I have this feeling that eating a balance of real food is enough for me. Easier said than done but I find following nutrition trends exhausting. Jill is different and likes good food!

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  1. I’ve made some pretty exemplary huevos rancheros with some of your beans- good for breakfast or anytime.

  2. I have been loving beans for brekkie, too! I always make extra at night to savor the goodness the next day.

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