Snowcap Beans


Finally, after several attempts, we have a good crop of the rather famous Snowcap bean. Not a lot, but enough to save some seed and offer the extra here. They’re one of the prettiest beans of all, I must say!


They look like cranberry beans dipped in white chocolate! They’re big and bold and when cooked, taste not unlike potatoes, but the texture is silky smooth. Odd and unusual!


Snowcaps at the Rancho Gordo site.

All of the pots are from BRAM Cookware in Sonoma, by the by.

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  1. I’ve been pestered all year to get more of those eye of goats so when I saw them in the store, I pounced. They did not disappoint, nor did Linda who sold then to us and delighted my mom who was visiting.

  2. I cooked the snowcaps yesterday and they were wonderful! Couldn’t get over how creamy they were. My nine year old granddaughter asked for three servings. Thanks for such a good product.

  3. Someone brought me some of these beans. I love them but we are in Europe, any tips on growing them? Appreciated.

  4. Growing beans of any type is very easy. Plant seeds 2 weeks after last frost in soil with good drainage. Sow in a row 8″ apart. Some like to grow their beans on a ridge, claiming the root zone is warmer and cannot be over-watered as easily. Generally speaking, a fifty foot row will yield ten pounds of dry beans, although each variety is different. I personally fertilize before planting, usually by roto-tilling in a few bags of sheep manure. Ladybugs are an excellent way to keep aphids off of your beans, and can be attracted with cilantro among other plants. Good luck!

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