A Field Report (from September!)

Susan, our Operations Manager, and I, went to the bean fields in September and our intention was to take lots of photos to get us all excited about the new crop. Susan and I got excited and then dropped the ball.


We now are growing on over 200 acres!


It looks like an exotic dance move but I'm really examining a bean pod.


Not quite dry, Susan has next year's crop of Christmas Limas in the palm of her hand.


2 Comments on A Field Report (from September!)

  1. Hey Steve; I see the Food Crafters show is now on the cooking channel. I am glad that I have been eating Sexy Beans for the last two years. “Thanks To You”, I am very happy for you. 200 hundred acres, wow, beans and more beans, Hey, keep growing them for us. Thanks

    Phil in Iowa

  2. Yes, Steve…please keep growing them for us. I try to explain the history of these beans but people don’t really get it….until I cook some up for them. Then I point out the health benefits of beans. Thank you for your great mail service, too.

    Sara in PA

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