Greetings from the Road

I’m writing this from a hotel in downtown Los Angeles, preparing for the big bash at Cube. This is the tail end of a busy ten days that looked so good on paper. First a trip to Boston to work with Formaggio Kitchen and even teach a class in their great new studio. Then on to the Chefs Collaborative Summit, also in Boston, for three days of intelligent, thought provoking presentations and panels. I went just to sit on my hero John Ash’s panel on heirloom beans but I ended up participating in the whole event. I learned a lot and caught up with some old friends and made some new ones.
Then back home for one day to attend an event for San Francisco’s LitQuake.
Yesterday, with new found energy, I flew down south with the Fatted Calf’s Taylor and Toponia for our Pork and Beans party here at Cube, a great restaurant and provisions store that every Angeleno should know. The party starts in a few hours at their new offices downtown where we will wine and dine on their rooftop garden. Poor Taylor had to get up early to prep his pork. I am enjoying my second cup of good coffee and updating my blog, miraculously as it seems, via my new Droid cellphone.

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  1. Steve – thanks for visiting Formaggio Kitchen and for teaching us all about the glory of heirloom beans! We had great feedback on the class – it was the perfect way to open up the new classroom space.

  2. I had a really fine time. I want to come back and make you sick of me! That’s my goal.

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