Beans with Tomatoes and Scrambled Eggs

It’s funny, but since reading the statistic that fat people don’t eat breakfast and that one should consume a protein within 90 minutes of waking up, I’m obsessing. No weight loss yet but mighty tasty breakfasts!


This week it was beans and eggs with some tomatoes. I cooked them all separately and then heated them together. If you try and scramble them all together they become a big old unattractive mess and it’s inspiration from beautiful food that’s going to get me alive and kicking first thing in the morning.

There’s something warm and soothing about warm tomatoes for breakfast. I used to make a thin tomato broth and add scrambled eggs. I don’t want to sound too over the top but there’s something “healing” about the flavor. Go ahead and make fun! I deserve it.

I used leftover Lila beans. So juicy and delicious in any circumstance.

And the experiments with breakfast continue.

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  1. So it has no beans I realize but lately I’ve been obsessed with fried eggs with briefly fried fresh chopped tomatoes (last of the season) with caramelized onions and a lot of salt and pepper. And of course who is to say you couldn’t toss in some tasty beans as well. đŸ™‚

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