Santo Domingo in Oaxaca

The Templo de Santo Domingo de Guzman in the heart of the city of Oaxaca is one of my favorite churches anywhere. This last trip I was lucky enough to be staying only a few blocks away and I found myself inside many times.


The first time I went was back in the mid 90s and I remember being a wee bit hungover from an evening at La Casa de Mezcal involving drunken lawyers and boleros (it's all a bit hazy) and going to Santo Domingo the next day, less than fresh, and strugggling to look up at the beautiful ceilings without getting sick. Happily, this last trip had no challenges!


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  1. This post made me say, “awwww!” I love Oaxaca and this church so much. All of the ornate gold leaf decorations inside. I haven’t been back to Oaxaca in years, but I’d love to go back some time. Such a special place!

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