Please, Don’t Hate Me!

Remember those old hair care commercials and some actress came on and said, “Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful!” Well, my version is don’t hate me because my young son is obsessed with cooking and his latest infatuation is with the molcajete. And it’s not just a proud parent bragging, but he made an excellent sauce.


He’s making Diana Kennedy’s salsa from Oaxacan pasillas. I have to admit I can get bored working a molcajete but he just rocked on. He also made the tortillas for dinner and would have kept going if I had let him.

His brother also likes to cook but not as much. He has many good qualities and one of his is his willingness to give his tired old father a foot massage. Now you can hate me.


The next morning the chef made much of the breakfast, which included eggs and his salsa, plus DK’s cascabel chile salsa. Our neighbor and friend, Connie Green, had brough by a big bag of chantrelles and they went very well with refried beans from the previous night’s Good Mother Stallards.


3 Comments on Please, Don’t Hate Me!

  1. Well done, son! You can be a proud dad.

  2. Nice! My little chef and yours need to exchange baking & cooking lessons!

  3. Wow! You are one lucky father!

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