And Baby Makes Four

I awoke this morning to a text from my friends in Mexico. Normally this would mean that U.S. Customs wasn’t sure what a garbanzo bean was and we need to send documentation or maybe it would be a warning that some obscure saint was having his day and the village where the beans are from was celebrating, delaying a shipment.


But today’s text was about a delivery. My friends Yunuen and Gabriel had a baby girl! And I’m to be the godfather. At first when she told me she was preggers, she said, “And you are going to be the parent!”
“No way!”, I cried. “I’ve seen that movie!” but soon I realized a little something got lost in the translation.
I’m so happy for them, for her, for us. Now the Rancho Gordo-Xoxoc Project has a new little ambassador and the future looks bright for everyone.

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