Domingo Rojo with Roasted Red Peppers and Nopales



There’s not really any recipe here to share. It’s too simple!
I really love red bell peppers in jars. They’re intense, delicious and easy to use.
The nopales come from my local Mexican grocer and I’ve gone from being butch and cleaning and removing the spines myself to spending a few extra cents and buying the cleaned and cut paddles in a bag. You could easily substitute fresh, cooked green beans and this dish would still be great.

Domingo Rojo beans have an easy-to-love bean broth so you really can just mix this all together and call it a snack or a meal. You could also saute the vegetables in olive oil with garlic and then toss in the beans when the vegetables are soft.

Domingo Rojo beans can be a part of your life, too! Buy them here today.

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