Gorgeous Quinoa: White, Red and Black

Do you remember the first time you had quinoa? I wasn’t sure about it. I think I liked it but I was sure it wasn’t going to replace rice anytime soon. Once I got over my idea that this was a substitute for rice, I started to fall in love with it.

Now we have red and black quinoa. My preference is to mix all three as the white alone is not a great color on the plate and I think the texture of the darker grains is better.

Tired and cranky? Heat up some quinoa and heirloom beans and allow your body to be happy in about 10 minutes. Flavor and protein are a potent combination.

2 Comments on Gorgeous Quinoa: White, Red and Black

  1. I purchased black quinoa and it’s terrible. Have cooked it twice and both times only about one fourth or less of the grain/seed opened, producing an inedible product. I have been cooking both white and red for years and this has never happened. I called the store (Ferry building) and the person who answered knew nothing about cooking it and promised to have her manager contact me; I have heard nothing.

    Very disappointed with your product and customer service.

  2. Sorry you didn’t like it. We’re happy to return it, replace it- whatever you want. Did you buy it at the ferry building? Probably best to call Customer Service: 800/599-8323 for something like this unless you wanted to return it to the ferry building store.

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