Vegetable Casseroles and Gratins

ranchogordo-7125I continue to have fun with my oven. It’s almost a honeymoon.

As I’ve said before, I seem to cook almost everything stovetop, mostly in clay. I tend to like long and slow cooking. But now I’m discovering the oven. This isn’t really a gratin. Maybe an open casserole is a better name. I had some leftover beans, a can of tomatoes and some cheese. That’s all she wrote! It went into the oven for about 40 minutes at 375F and then I had a great meal. I will continue to experiment but it seems like you can take almost anything, make it a little soupy, add it to a casserole and bake it at 375F. You can top it with oily breadcrumbs or cheese. Or not.

I am smitten.


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  1. This looks so good. Did you use some bean broth? I know it sounds like a basic recipe, but could you elaborate just a bit more for the not-so-good-at-winging-it cook? 8^)

    • Sorry to be so vague. I did use some broth and some of the liquid from the canned tomatoes. I still am experimenting and this is a work in progress. But it was delicious. I’m almost ready to serve it to guests, but not quite.

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