Requeson: Flavored Ricotta Cheese


In Mexico, fried ricotta isn’t uncommon. It’s very easy and dollop in a bowl of beans is very nice. You can also add it to eggs, soups or spread a little on a cracker when you need a quick snack.


Start with fresh epazote. This is the herb that helps with “digestion” issues with beans (although really, I think the reason to use it is for flavor.) People try and use the dried but for me it’s like dried basil. It just doesn’t work. I see it now in my mainstream grocery store so it is out there but if you love Mexican food, throw a few seeds into a pot. It will grow fast and reseed itself every year.


I’ve been fermenting serrano chiles with onions but you can use fresh or even pickled.


I think in Mexico it would be more traditional to use corn or even safflower oil but being a true Californian, I used a local olive oil to saute the chiles and onions. I threw in some minced garlic for good measure.


Once soft, I added some good ricotta and stirred it around until mixed and then let it cook on a medium heat for about three minutes. As you make this, you start imagining all the great things you can do with it. Right before taking it off the heat, a handful of chopped epazote is added and mixed in.


The requeson is a very good friend to a bowl of beans.

UPDATE: It’s funny. I just got back from Mexico and saw my friends who taught me this and they use a much drier ricotta and cook it much more so it’s a drier cheese. I kind of like my version better but you do have options.

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