More Views from Hidalgo and Sunset Magazine with Rancho Gordo

More shots from the hacienda with Sunset Magazine. The final article, loaded with bean recipes, is in the February 2016 issue.


Dave goes for the table shot.


Beautiful heirloom beans from the Rancho Gordo-Xoxoc Project.


Ricotta cheese (requeson) flavored with garlic and epazote.


Lupe does her thing.


Taking a break on a beautiful day in the Valley of Mezquital, Hidalgo.


You really could film a period movie here.


Photographer Dave Lauridsen at work.

Gabriel, Yunuen, Yunuencita and Lupe wait for direction from the Sunset crew.


Chabela insists you start with garlic and salt when making salsas in the molcajete.


The master at work. Gabriel’s molcajete technique is the standard.


Lupe preps the table before dinner.

For five years, we had tours to the hacienda but it’s no longer practical. My main joy is showing people this slice of Mexico that I’ve been indulging in for almost 10 years. Sunset Magazine did a terrific job in capturing the food, the people and the passion of heirloom beans. I’m really thankful. And these sweet photos are a lovely souvenir of a great couple of days with my pals, old and new.


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  1. Beautiful photos! Congrats on the Sunset article and visibility for your wonderful Xoxoc project…

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