Breakfast Soup

Why do so many of the best dishes come from leftovers?
I had made our new Caballero beans last night and for breakfast, I decided to make a quick, simple dish using up what was left and some chicken stock.

Making Breakfast Soup with Rancho Gordo Caballero beans

You know you have a hit on your hand when someone asks how much cream or butter you used to make the pot so rich and you know you’ve just used water, onion, garlic and a spoonful of olive oil. These beans¬†are wild.

Heirloom Beans from Rancho Gordo: Caballero

Heat a very few left over beans and their broth in a small pot and bring to a simmer. Add some chicken or vegetable stock. You could even use water. Drop an egg in and allow it to soft boil. Splash some of the hot liquid over the egg with a spoon to help the center cook. When it’s to your liking, you have breakfast soup! Dust with fresh cracked pepper.

Rancho Gordo Breakfast Soup with Caballero heirloom beans





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