Holidays at RG: Heirloom Corn Prepared Hominy

If there’s a better Christmas Eve dish, I don’t know what it is.

Posole is the essential nixtamalized grain, from rare heirloom corn, for hominy stews and more. Dried hominy/posole is superior to the canned version in every way.


In very limited quantities, we have gorgeous, colored heirloom corn dried hominy. These rare corns only need to be soaked and simmered to be enjoyed.


Cacahuazintle is cherished in Mexico for the very best traditional pozole. The extra large kernels and white color are preferred. The Blue is hearty and also works well in salads. The Red corn has less natural fat and has a more “whole grain” taste.


Leftovers for all three can be ground to make superior heirloom grits.


This is a mixture of all three corns. Looks interesting but I don’t know if it’s essential.


Surprisingly, this was the best thing I did with my last batch. It’s a simple vegetable soup with posole. I ate tons of this and I’d do it again.


Seafood and fish for Christmas Eve seems most traditional. We have an easy recipe for you to consider here.

Buy Holiday Posole at Rancho Gordo now. You can choose between red, blue and Cacahuazintle, or one of each.



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