Royal Corona Beans with Sage-Parsley Salsa Verde

My cooking seems to go through “periods”. I had my High Mexican period, my Italian phase, my Hippy Love Child has never quite left but now I seem to be in super simple mode. I keep wanting to strip things down to see how basic they can be, which might be a reaction to the news or popular culture. Books like Cucina Povera and An Everlasting Meal are certainly inspiration. My hunch is that becoming a better cook and making better friends with good ingredients are the main reason and I apologize in advance if that sounds a little pretentious.

This was a favorite dish this week.

I cooked the Royal Coronas with just a little salt and a bay leaf.

In my mortar, I smashed half a clove of garlic with some salt to make a paste. You could use more garlic but you might want to roast it first and plan on spending a lot of time alone. Then I added chopped parsely and sage (3:1 ratio) and then drizzled in enough olive oil to make a sauce. A spoonful of lemon juice was the kicker.

I drizzled the sauce over the cooked beans. The beans were big and creamy and the sauce was sharp and intense and I thought it was good enough to do again and again.

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  1. stephen breacain // August 16, 2017 at 10:34 am // Reply

    Thanks for another simple recipe. Keep ’em coming.

    Your less is more approach isn’t a bit pretentious as far as I’m concerned. I’ve always had a tendency to keep gilding the lily when I’m cooking, and have ruined quite a few dishes by just adding that one more ‘perfect’ ingredient.

    Rancho Gordo beans are so good all on their own that they really benefit from a light touch which I’ve been working on lately. I bought a copy of Cucina Povera upon your recommendation and love it. I highly recommend it, and just ordered a copy of An Everlasting Meal to keep it company.

  2. Sounds yummy! Thanks for another easy vegan recipe.

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