Simplicity and perfection in a bowl. 

Special friends were coming over so I decided to use the last of my Marcella beans. We’ve been sold out for awhile but I’d been saving them for an occasion. This was it.

(These easily could have been Alubia Blanca beans.)

I soaked them for about two hours while I messed around in the kitchen and then cooked them with just half an onion, very thinly sliced with a mandolin and a smashed clove of garlic. I sauteed these in good olive oil before I added the beans and water. A bay leaf was the final touch.

Marcellas are very delicate so I was careful not to cook them for too long. A few will break up and dissolve and that’s good but I also love the clear, flavored broth. Check them frequently once they really start smelling like beans.

To serve, a scant dribble of olive oil and fresh sage. If you think, “Oh, nice sage!” as your first reaction, you’ve used too much. Really, just the slightest hint of sage is what’s wanted.

Simplicity and perfection in a bowl.

4 Comments on Simplicity and perfection in a bowl. 

  1. I love the Marcella beans! I’ve learned to cook them to not quite the al dente stage if they are going to be cooked again in the finished dish. They turn out perfect. Have a nice supply in my freezer so I don’t run out.

  2. When will you have Marcella beans again?

  3. Oh boy. Now I REALLY can’t wait to try these. Have your crops been affected by the fires at all? Any smoke damage issues?

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