Trout in Hoja Santa

I talk a lot about Hoja Santa (Yierba Santa/Acuyo) in these pages. I am so thrilled to have a happy, thriving plant. It’s delicious and I love just going outside to harvest leaves for sauces and dishes like this.

I wrapped the leaves around a trout, after stuffing it with lemons and parsley. I tied it up with butcher string and cooked it directly on a hot pan, for about six minutes per side.

You don’t have a nice skin to eat but it’s cooked perfectly. I would imagine you can do something similar with grape or fig leaves but I really do love the flavor of the hoja santa.

Of course, I’d insist on serving this with a side of beans. Heirlooms. Rancho Gordo, perhaps?

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  1. The recipe looks really good. I grow herbs and am always looking for new ones. I ordered seeds for Hoja Santa from Amazon and should have them in about a week. Hopefully it will do good in my part of Texas.

  2. I’ve heard you have to grow them from cuttings. I’ll be curious to hear how it goes. They tend to like a good amount of water and bright conditions but not much direct sun. Otherwise, pretty much a weed!

    • Cuttings would probably be the best way to grow it. Got my seeds and it takes 3 months or more to germinate. I may look for a plant source.

  3. I’ve been trying to find an actual plant; according to my local nursery there’s not much demand for them here (San Diego), because they are more tropical….not sure how that fits with Steve having a lively plant further north. Will check Amazon for seeds – I haven’t had a lot of luck growing things from seed, but maybe if I nurse it over the winter….if I keep them indoors in a pot, maybe I will have the patience to wait the 3 months.

    • I think I bought them once on eBay. Worked like a charm!
      We get below freezing several times a winter. It dies back but comes roaring back in the spring.
      I’d check ebay for cuttings, if you can. Once it’s established, it’s pretty happy.

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