Greens for Beans

I like them all: dandelion, kale, chard, lambsquarters….all of them. I could live without spinach but I would never make a fuss if it was offered.

Sauteed greens are a natural with cooked beans. Or as a filling in a tortilla. The last bit can be used in a soup. I love them and usually have several cooked in my fridge, waiting to be used.

I’ve seem recipes that have you boil them but that seems a bother. I wash the greens and add them to a wide pan of sauteed onion and garlic. Sometimes I use a little pancetta but mostly not. The washed greens cook down and the water that clings to the leaves meets the sauteed aromatics and they become a sauce.

Of course, I have to do everything the hard way so I have a dedicated clay cazuela for braised greens. It’s really not necessary but I like to pretend it is.

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  1. Are you ever concerned when you buy your cazuelas that there is lead in the clay? Do you test when you purchase in Mexico or elsewhere? I’ve heard that by seasoning the pot with boiling water, salt and oregano for 15 minutes it removes any coating but not sure. I see so many great pots in Mexico but afraid to purchase. Any advice?

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