Herb-Steamed Potatoes and New Olive Oil

By chance, I discovered that steaming new potatoes gave them a superior texture. They weren’t water-logged and since I have a big steaming pot, this technique was easier. I’ve also steamed russets and the jackets come off with no effort. As an aside, steamed hard-cooked eggs are done in 14 minutes and much easier to peel.

David Tanis has a recipe in his book One Good Dish. The potatoes aren’t cooked in a separate steamer but the idea is similar. I copied his idea of using fresh herbs but I put them right in the water and then placed the potatoes in the steamer attachment above them. I had russets that were on their way out, if you know what I mean and I think you do. I peeled them.

To the water, I added some slivers of garlic that were on hand. You know those center pieces that are too irritating to peel because they’re so thin? Cut them in half and add them to the herb bath.

After about 35 minutes, they were done. I let them rest another 10 as I finished goofing around the house and then drizzled some Olio Nuovo from Olive Queen over the sliced potatoes. Parsley, salt and pepper. I know this isn’t much of a recipe but it’s proof when you have good ingredients, you don’t need much of a recipe.

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  1. May not be much of a recipe, but you always have such good ideas for making whatever is on hand more interesting – thanks! I have been experimenting with my Instant Pot, which has a steamer function (p.s., pressure cooked eggs are even faster and the shells just slip off) – hadn’t thought through doing things like seasoning the water, now I know to give that a try!

  2. What herbs did you put in the pot with the water, please?

  3. What kind of a steamer are you using? Looks like a good one.

  4. I see rosemary and thyme. But use whatever you have on hand

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