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Bean Boys Love Their Toys: Fagioli al Fiasco

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For years I’d heard of fagioli al fiasco. Small white beans like the famous Zolfini from Tuscany were placed in an empty wine bottle with olive oil and herbs and then placed in the smoldering embers of a wood fire. I finally tracked down a terra cotta pot that did this and the results were great, but the opaque clay made it hard to know what was going on inside and (Click for more)


Books I Like

Near & Far: Recipes Inspired by Home and Travel by Heidi Swanson.
I was lucky enough to get an advance copy and all I can say is "wow". I think you will, too.

The Broad Fork: Recipes for the Wide World of Vegetables and Fruits by Hugh Acheson. A slightly Southern twist on what to do with all your CSA vegetables. I love the constant use of pecans, among other things.

The Art of Fermentation: An In-Depth Exploration of Essential Concepts and Processes from around the Worldby Sandor Katz.
Worth every penny. I want to ferment everything and I almost have. Nothing is safe in my kitchen.

Maya Lord by John Coe Robbins.
A great piece of fiction based on actual events and people. A priest and a soldier and shipwrecked and captured by the Mayans. How they react and the decisions they make are fascinating. A great slice of history that would be in danger of being too cute in less talented hands. This should be a movie.

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The Eternal Question: Bean Soaking. Or Not.

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You know you’ve gone from casual cook to bean freak when you find you are interested in whether or not to soak beans. Like the amount of vermouth in a martini, nothing (Click for more)


Ingredient Spotlight

Mixing Beans

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My office is in the back of our retail store in Napa and today I heard in the distance a frustrated woman who was trying to buy something that apparently we didn't (Click for more)