A Weeknight Dinner

I’m nuts for beet greens. They taste great, cook quickly and I hear they are healthy. I wouldn’t serve this to company but it fits the bill on a busy weeknight.


After cleaning the greens (you can use chard, as well), saute with some onion, garlic and a serrano pepper, all chopped. I used bacon drippings but a smarter, more sensible person will use olive oil. Just as the greens start to wilt, add some leftover cooked beans.

This is a fine taco filling. Or serve with rice. I made quinoa, after starting a mirepoix (celery, carrot, onion and garlic) that again managed to make it’s way into bacon fat.

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  1. This looks really yummy!

  2. It’s kind of hippie dippy, but it was good!

  3. actually beet greens can be quite upscale – like i recently made them into the famous Wolfert’s greens jam, to serve with beet greens bottoms so to speak…

  4. Kindred spirits, I say:


    I too said I wouldn’t serve it to company. And then I did. They make good sides with chicken or beef.

    But a taco filling …now that’s a good idea!

  5. OK- I will serve it to company. But with a steak or chicken, probably.

    Sean- that is too funny. And thanks for the link to your website. It’s great.

    FBM also has a wonderful new blog and I know her from several food boards. I find her to be one of the most clever meal planners I know.

    Isn’t chard virtually beet greens, especially the red chards and the red beets? I grew chard once and there is a large beet-like thing on the bottom by the end of the season. I actually prefer red chard (and beets).

  6. Did you try the beet like chard thing? According to my cursory google search, beets and chard are the same plant species.

  7. Had the best garlic beans of my life this evening! Thanks.

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