Chia Seeds

Beyond the Chia Pet, chia seeds have a place in your home.


Apparently, the gelatinous drink made from soaking the seeds in water for about 30 minutes, contains Omega 3 and other nutritive things we need. I know nothing of health or nutrition but I do know once you get past the texture, a fresh glass of chia is refreshing and welcome.

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  1. You can buy Omega 3 capsules at Costco if you’re that worried about it. Are you going to start selling seeds now? I can just imagine the Chia-ade samples. You’ll have to give those out yourself. I don’t see that being as sexy as the beans samples.

  2. So do you eat the seeds, too? Or strain them out?

    Crunchy, like passion vine seeds?

    What does it taste like? Or is it just a texture thing?

    So many questions!

  3. I want to say slimy but I’m afraid it would turn you away. But it is a bit. It’s still oddly refreshing and a nice treat in the heat.

  4. I’m not afraid of slimy, except in pie filling.

    Okra, Chia, do your worst!

    Show me one of those bizarre fluorescent red, over-gelatinized strawberry pies from the grocery store, and I run quaking in fear. What alien slime is that?

  5. can you eat chia seeds without soaking them?
    I just sprinkle them over my food, is that o.k. or is it better for you to soak them?

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