Molletes for Breakfast

I’m not crazy for sweet breakfasts in general and in Mexico, I have to admit, I don’t care much for their pastries. I don’t despise them, but knowing there’s something else savory available, I tend to go for that.


While my traveling companions are enjoying perfectly nice pancakes or sweet breads, I like to go for the molletes. These are generally white rolls with some of the filling scooped out to make way for a slather of refried beans. They’re then topped with cheese and broiled until the cheese is bubbling. Of course, like most good things in New Spain, they’re served with a searing salsa guaranteed to wake you up. You are now prepared for the day.


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4 Comments on Molletes for Breakfast

  1. Molletes are right up there with chilaquiles verdes as the world’s most delish breakfast đŸ™‚

  2. And don’t forget the egg dishes. You can eat a good breakfast in Mexico. I was once with a friend who was frantic to find a bakery to buy all sorts of pandulce. Her luck wasn’t there and while she tried to hunt one down, I found a stall where a woman was deep frying quesadillas and topping with a fabulous “mole casera”. I tool one of those and passed on the bread treats.

  3. I must agree about the general lack of appeal of Mexican pastries and cookies. Even the best I usually find dry and underflavored. In a word — dull. I wonder why? Could it be because they haven’t any tradition of yeast baking, and buttery yeasty things are what we are attuned to?

    Molletes, though, sound right up my alley. Kind of a bread-roll version of a pupusa. Yum.

  4. I think most of the breads and sweets use industrial lard and no butter at all. There are a few things that are ok if you eat them ASAP but in general, there’s always something better available. I find Mexican food close to perfect, so it’s only right that they have one less than stellar category!
    However, a good tres leches cake is a very nice thing.

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