Farmers Market Update

Rain is predicted for Saturday and I gave Joan the option of not doing the market, but she turned to me, with a small tear welling in the corner of her eye and said, "I’d sooner cut off my right hand than deprive the good people of San Francisco an opportunity to purchase our beans."
"But Joan!" I pleaded, "Surely you don’t want to bother with the tortillas and chips. Don’t be a fool, girl!"
"But my customers need their low-fat complex carb tortillas to go with the beans!"
Visibly shaken, I relented. Joan will be at the market on Saturday, rain or shine.
What a trooper!

5 Comments on Farmers Market Update

  1. that’s our girl!

    soon, people will be saying: “I love those beans from Joan at Rancho Gordo” and “Steve, who?”

  2. You know, I’m ok with that!

  3. I like rainy markets, myself. *shrug* I grew up in Northern CA, and went out to play in the rain. If I don’t end up working Sat, I’ll be seeing Joan for beans step 3. I never liked beans before I tried yours. Now I’m trying to figure out how ridiculous I look when I pour the leftover pot liquor into a glass to drink.

  4. Not to worry, Risa. You are among friends here and drinking bean broth is understood.

  5. it was so dry as a bone anyway, so joan has good sense. She also let me buy the giant white limas this time so she’s in my good books even if she doesn’t turn up when its raining.

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