Arbol Sauce on a Poached Egg

Did you make the DeArbol sauce? Have any left?


This may look sweet but it was deadly and delicious. The poached eggs were topped with some of the sauce and a little parma cheese.

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  1. I did make the sauce but don’t have any left sadly … That simple meal looks delicious … And those eggs! Beautifully poached … Got any secrets on getting such beautifully poached eggs?

  2. I’ve decided that you’re trying to kill us with those chiles de arbol. They are so. darn. hot. But delicious. I made a quick romesco-ish sauce about 10 days ago, and am convinced that it is going to last for another couple months because I can only stand a smidge at a time.

  3. Jen- you’ve uncovered my evil plot! I was surprised too. I like to think I’m butch enough to handle an arbol but these were wild.

    Adam, I think the secret is fresh eggs. I have about 17 hens so they’re pretty darn fresh. I use a little vinegar but I’m hearing it’s not necessary for good poached eggs.

  4. You sir, are a menace.

    To my waistline if nothing else. First I made Heidi’s orangey black bean chowder from the RG website. Healthy enough and super tasty. Then I made an adaptation of your masa and black bean fritters that you improvised a while back. I have never eaten so many deep fried things in one sitting. You should have to get a license to post recipes like that, for the good of the public!

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