A Day in the Fields

I spent the day out in the fields to watch the harvest and check on the different varieties we have growing this year. Other than falling off the big harvester, ripping my jeans and getting scraped and bruised, it was a glorious day. There were several types of beans that we haven't seen in years that are coming back and I did a happy little jig in the beanfields as I saw them.


This is the flageolet that have been cut and are now laying in the fields drying. We've been lucky with the weather and they should be ready to harvest in about a week. They're still too green. As they dry, the pods will turn brittle and tan but of course the beautiful flageolet will stay celedon green.


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  1. How come you don’t have the camera on when you fall off the harvester? I’m sorry its not funny, or when you do a little jig. We would like to see how you grow the beans, we buy to eat. Also I finished the book, Heirloom Beans. I really like it, I can tell you put a lot of time in it. I found a lot of new recipes I want to try. Now I need to buy more beans to try. Phil

  2. I’ll show you my bruises, if you like.

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