The Return of the Yellow Indian Woman

This post will make many people happy. I can’t think of another bean that people love as much as Yellow Indian Woman. Good Mother Stallard and Eye of the Goat come close but the Yellow Indian Woman reigns supreme, and happily, she’s back.


Good flavor, great texture and a luxurious bean broth make it a favorite. I had one restaurant fall in love with it but had to change the name because they found it so offensive. Yes, sometimes we can go a little too far here in the Bay Area. I believe the beans are yellow, and were probably gathered by Indian women. Who knows? But I don’t think it’s a slur of any kind.

These would make great charro beans but of course I love them made with just onion, garlic, a little fat and some water. They can’t be beat!

Order Yellow Indian Woman online.

Elizabeth and Sophie will have them at the market on Saturday.

In other news:
We’re having a horrible time cleaning the beans and we’re also discovering less than stellar crops and dismal crop yields. The runner cannellini turned out to be so minimal we had to pull them. I still don’t have a realistic idea of where we stand but I hope to know sooner than later. As much as you’re missing Eye of the Goat, you have to know my pain is worse than yours!

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  1. Are these Yellow Indian Woman beans any relation to Peruano Beans? I live in San Fernando (atual “city of” not SF Valley”, and Peruanos are plentiful, and really sweet and creamy. Just wanted to know if they are similar.

    Thank you,


  2. oh, crap. I knew I shouldn’t have given away the runner cannellini I’d been hoarding. :S

  3. AmyLynn, these aren’t like Peruanos (But the mayocona are, as are cannarios and sometimes, “yellow” beans.) These are more like a chili bean but less dense. I think you’ll like them.

    Anita, I’ll know what’s what in a week or so. I am sick about it!

  4. Hi Steve — Happy New Year! I don’t suppose you have any idea if/when the giant lima’s will be coming back into stock, do you? The giant lima famine is causing much strife in my house! đŸ™‚


  5. Oops! Put in an order with another company Friday. I was saving the varieties you carry, including runner cannelini, to order from you; waiting for ojo de cabre to be back in stock before ordering. Oh, well…

  6. Eye of the Goat are indeed great.

    It would be fun if they were crossed with another bean to make “Eye of the Lonely Goatherd” beans (is there a “shepherd” bean?). You could then run a special promotion: buy a few pounds, get a coupon for a download of Julie Andrews singing and yodeling the song in “The Sound of Music”.

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