Deep Fried Worms

This post may not be for the weak and sensitive. Last week in Mexico I enjoyed a plate of gusano del maguey, or worms, as we say in English. I felt I was being very brave by eating them but to be honest, they were delicious and easy to like.

Wikipedia tells us they are nutritious as well.




You notice here at Fonda San Angel in Mexico City, they're served with blue corn tortillas, guacamole and a guajillo chile sauce. Again, very easy to enjoy.

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  1. John E Fresh (Mr. Advertising) // June 25, 2009 at 9:18 pm // Reply

    I’m assuming the worms were deep fried. What doesn’t taste great deep fried?

    You’re still brave

  2. They were and I’m sure that’s most of the appeal, but these things were big and their inner beauty was beyond a mere batter and fry!

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